Dungeon Siege 1 & 2 Language Packages

As these games get older it obviously becomes more and more difficult to find original copies in languages other than English.

So I have decided make a collection of replacement language packages available for download here free of adds, popups and other nasties.

More will be added as we get hold of them.

Direct Link
  French Language Pack
61 MB
  French Language Pack
Richard Miallot
182 MB
  German Language Pack
doa92 @steam
188 MB
  Polish Language Pack
Kuziem @steam
38 MB
  Spanish Language Pack
WolfBelmi88 @steam
256 MB
  French Language Pack
220 MB
  French Language Pack
220 MB

* Thanks to David Castelmezzano for collecting and standardising these language packs.

The Original Blue Screen of Death

As a kid if I would complain to my grandfather about being bored, his response would be something like:

“Intelligent people never get bored.”

So I guess as a consequence this is the sort of thing which happens if I am approaching boredom:
No, I did not type it all in…

I found a so called “blue screen of death” picture on the internet.
Then I used an OCR scanner program to convert it to text, made some changes, added some line numbers and some “PRINT” commands and finally copy/pasted it into the WinVice C64 emulator.

Want a copy? – here you go:  BlueScreenBasicError.zip

AmiTech MaxiMem Expansion for the Amiga 500

(for higher resolution photos visit: Zhixy’s Gallery)

Since it has come to my attention that this expansion is a bit of a rarity I have decided to make a little blog about mine.

What is special about this expansion is that because of the CPU and GARY adaptors it is able to add up to 2 MB of RAM to the Amiga, so 2.5 MB RAM in total. This does not interfere with any RAM added via the BUS port on the left side. So if you for instance have a HDD box with 8 MB fast RAM, that would bring the A500 up to 10.5 MB in total.

The red jumper on the CPU adaptor selects how the RAM on the expansion is distributed. If you have the full 2 MB on the board, shorting the jumper will give you 1 MB of chip memory and 1.5 MB of fast. Where as an open jumper will give you 512 KB chip and 1.8 MB fast.

The 2 red dip-switched on the board is for configuring how many RAM chips up have mounted and the yellow jumper disables the expansion completely.

Notice that I have removed the battery and ordered a replacement. Which brings me to last bit of this blog… I have had to make some repairs as shown in this picture:

If you want to checkout everything in more detail be sure to visit: Zhixy’s Gallery 

You will also find the Danish manual there or you can view or download it as a PDF by clicking here.



Dungeon Siege II – Disappering Mouse Workaround

Things have been afoot in the Lair today. Liquids have been bobbling, concoctions brewing, cauldrons oozing black smoke and periodical consequential hair loss have been occurring.

I have been trying to find just the right healing potion for Dungeon Siege II and it’s invisible mouse cursor in Windows 10.

I think I got it just right now… thanks to Paulo Miranda for putting me on the right path (no 3rd party program needed).

Check it out…

Zhixalom’s Dungeon Siege Manager v1.9

Hey you Dungeon Siege enthusiast out there, here is something for you.

Getting cross-eyed trying to manage you maps, resources, mods and packages (siege-lets) ?

This program makes it a whole lot easier.

You get a list of configurations to choose and edit, instead of just one. You can even copy a configuration to the clipboard and paste it into an e-mail, then your buddy can copy/paste it back into his manager and you will both have the exact same configuration. Check it out… it has tons of other features.



  • changed the “Force resolution” feature. Now you can either type in a custom resolution or select a more modern one.
  • fixed a bug in “Paste from Clipboard” rutine.
  • fixed a bug in the Dungeon Siege path rutines.
  • added a “Search For Dungeon Siege” rutine.
  • added support for “Legends of Aranna”.
  • added an option under “Setup” to bypass the “Are you sure?”
  • message when launching Dungeon Siege.
  • added support for dsdll files.
  • added DSLOA configuration tap as requested.
  • fixed a small bug in v1.6.
  • added support for DS Tool Kit (DSTK).
  • added a “default game files missing” warning.
  • rewritten the Setup tap rutines.
  • added the video synchronization option.
  • added pulldown menus.


Zhixalom’s DSLOA Addon Package

A while ago I collected all the mods I have ever downloaded for Dungeon Siege and made a package with everything:

Now with the latest version of my Maps & Ressource Manager

I made a simple how-to-guide on how to get Dungeon Siege to run on Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10:


With the DS Console Toolkit  and the basic editing tools:DSLOA-Package4

NOTICE:  This is an addon package, which means you will need to have  Dungeon Siege – Legends of Aranna  already installed and I seriously doubt it works with the Steam version.

The package is just about 1 GB.download

In case you need more manageable bites:
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 1
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 2
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 3
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 4
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 5
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 6
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 7
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 8
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 9
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 10
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 11
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 12
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 13
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 14
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 15
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 16
(Just un-zip them into the same folder)


Finally, here is a video on how to make Dungeon Siege run on Windows 10:

Amiga 1200 Tower Project – Continued #3

It’s almost been a month since my last post to this blog and a few things have happened since then.

First I got the 4xIDE’99 adaptor I was waiting for (this thing)

But while I was waiting for it I got some help and insight from a Facebook group (you know who you are and thanks again) into the available filesystems and their limitations. Which first got me thinking and eventually led me to getting some of these things:

They are able to convert back and forth between PATA (or IDE) and SATA totally independent of drivers or any software (I’ve used one of them before in my ZX Evo) .

The thing is I have quite a stack of 40 GB, 80 GB and 120 GB SATA harddrives. Which I had no use for and was either going to sell or toss out. But now with these things I can use modern harddrives in my towering Amiga. They are absolutely brilliant… uhm… that is except for one tiny little bitty thing; they are apparently completely incompatible with the buffered 4xIDE’99 adaptor.

So I had a choice to make 3 CF Cards and a DVD drive or 2 insanely huge and fast (in Amiga terms) harddrives. So I finally decided on not using the 4xIDE’99 in my tower. Don’t worry I still have the other “normal” Amiga 1200 I can use it in.

But I still liked the idea of being able to take the CFs out and popping them into my PC’s card reader. So here is what I came up with instead:

SATA harddrive hot-swap docking bays. No drawers, frames or guide rails needed. I can just turn off the Amiga and pop ’em out and into the PC as I see fit… obviously got a docking bay for the PC as well.

I rearranged the front a little bit, put a RapidRoad USB board on the accelerator and decided to connect it up to a card reader instead of the USB’s at the bottom.

The only thing I have left is to figure out why that RGB to SCART and VGA cable I had made didn’t work…

… and maybe some more stickers.But I guess that’s it… for now…

Amiga 1200 Tower Project – Continued #2

Sooo… My Amiga 1200 Tower has finally found it’s proper place on my desk next to my beloved Speccy and it’s Russian ZX Evo comrade.

But there is a huge problem (which was kinda foreseen); being inside a boringly ordinary PC cabinet it is totally void of bringing the Amiga funk I’m thinking bringing the classic Amiga art in form of stickers of sorts; either bought online or home made (if I have to).

… and I got these in the mail today 🙂Still waiting for my 4xIDE’99 buffered controller, though


To be continued…

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Amiga 1200 Tower Project – Continued

(for higher resolution photos visit: Zhixy’s Gallery)

Next up… I’ve added a ACA1233n accelerator daughterboard.

The top-left circle… that’s a modified Jerry+ Joystick adaptor which splits joystick port 1 into a PS/2 compatible USB mouse and… well a joystick in port 1. I have replaced the LED with a jumper so I can connect it to one of the LEDs at the front.

The circle at the bottom is where I’ve added a jumper on the motherboard for the reset switch.

… and the remaining circle is a custom made adaptor PCB to convert the A1200 Power, HDD and floppy LED connector so I can connect them up to the LEDs in the front. Those 3 resisters are 47 Ohms.

The idea of the those four 10-pin connectors is simply to link cables like above together in order to replicate joystick port 1 and 2 out to the front. The PCB will obviously need to be fastened in some way.

Got the screen hooked up to HDMI via a DVI scan-doubler with a to-HDMI adaptor on it. I’ve had some problems trying to create the RGB-port to SCART and VGA cable. I don’t quite understand why yet, as I have made many of those cables in the past. I’ll give it some time come back to it and try again. For now I’ve just pulled a SCART cable I bought to the insides. Probably going to use the HDMI for the most part anyway.

I’m still waiting for a 4 EIDE adaptor daughterboard, so I can connect up the DVD drive. But the Gotek emulator and floppy drive are hooked up and working. That is an actually Amiga external drive at the bottom (the old ones are the best). It was very yellowed and the front plastics have gotten a coat of black spray paint to match the cabinet.

Here… I did a video of my first real test run for you. Sorry about the poor sound quality. I guess I just spend more money on my retro computers than on cameras. That old second hand Prosonic TV isn’t the best either.

To be continued…

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Dungeon Siege on Windows 10

Getting Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna to run on Windows 10

To my surprise there are still people out there who think that you need WindowsXP to play Dungeon Siege these days.

This is simply not true. Over the past years I have installed it on Windows 7, 8.x, and Windows 10… and all of them were 64 Bit versions.

You don’t even have to tweak the compatibility settings. All you need is to install DirectX 9.0c (from June 2010) and choose the correct settings with DSVideoConfig.exe

Check it out:

(View on YouTube)