Tank Creator v2.1

This frontend uses the RTC.exe written by Stefan Gaertner and Dan Strandberg to create a DS1 (.dsres) tankfile and is able to convert it into a DS2 (.ds2res) tankfile afterwards. I have re-written it to look and feel like the original.


One guy had a problem with accessing the interface and needed to be able to resize the window. So I have made some changes and now we have got a version 2.1


One thought on “Tank Creator v2.1”

  1. I have just checked and double checked the Tank Creator files and they still 100% match the original content of the compilation I made from 2005.

    In other words; this is a false positive – they are NOT infected.

    The Tank Creator works my creating a Dungeon Siege 1 file with the RTC.exe and afterwards altering it into a Dungeon Siege 2 file. I can easily imagine that an antivirus application could interpret this as suspicious behaviour and identify it as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

    Furthermore over the past decade security improvements have been added to programming languages which add information, like source and developer identification tags and certificates, to programs during compilation. The version of Delphi I used back then does not add this kind of information, because that was before it was implemented. If an antivirus program expects that information to be present, but doesn’t find it. This could also trigger a false positive.

    The originals located here are virus free, but that doesn’t rule out that your computer might have a virus infecting your downloads as they come in.

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