Dungeon Siege II – Disappering Mouse Workaround

Things have been afoot in the Lair today. Liquids have been bobbling, concoctions brewing, cauldrons oozing black smoke and periodical consequential hair loss have been occurring.

I have been trying to find just the right healing potion for Dungeon Siege II and it’s invisible mouse cursor in Windows 10.

I think I got it just right now… thanks to Paulo Miranda for putting me on the right path (no 3rd party program needed).

Check it out…

Zhixalom’s Dungeon Siege Manager v1.9

Hey you Dungeon Siege enthusiast out there, here is something for you.

Getting cross-eyed trying to manage you maps, resources, mods and packages (siege-lets) ?

This program makes it a whole lot easier.

You get a list of configurations to choose and edit, instead of just one. You can even copy a configuration to the clipboard and paste it into an e-mail, then your buddy can copy/paste it back into his manager and you will both have the exact same configuration. Check it out… it has tons of other features.



  • changed the “Force resolution” feature. Now you can either type in a custom resolution or select a more modern one.
  • fixed a bug in “Paste from Clipboard” rutine.
  • fixed a bug in the Dungeon Siege path rutines.
  • added a “Search For Dungeon Siege” rutine.
  • added support for “Legends of Aranna”.
  • added an option under “Setup” to bypass the “Are you sure?”
  • message when launching Dungeon Siege.
  • added support for dsdll files.
  • added DSLOA configuration tap as requested.
  • fixed a small bug in v1.6.
  • added support for DS Tool Kit (DSTK).
  • added a “default game files missing” warning.
  • rewritten the Setup tap rutines.
  • added the video synchronization option.
  • added pulldown menus.


Zhixalom’s DSLOA Addon Package

A while ago I collected all the mods I have ever downloaded for Dungeon Siege and made a package with everything:

Now with the latest version of my Maps & Ressource Manager

I made a simple how-to-guide on how to get Dungeon Siege to run on Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10:


With the DS Console Toolkit  and the basic editing tools:DSLOA-Package4

NOTICE:  This is an addon package, which means you will need to have  Dungeon Siege – Legends of Aranna  already installed and I seriously doubt it works with the Steam version.

The package is just about 1 GB.download

In case you need more manageable bites:
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 1
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 2
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 3
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 4
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 5
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 6
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 7
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 8
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 9
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 10
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 11
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 12
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 13
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 14
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 15
Zhixy’s DSLOA Addon 16
(Just un-zip them into the same folder)


Finally, here is a video on how to make Dungeon Siege run on Windows 10: