Zhixalom’s Dungeon Siege Manager v1.9

Hey you Dungeon Siege enthusiast out there, here is something for you.

Getting cross-eyed trying to manage you maps, resources, mods and packages (siege-lets) ?

This program makes it a whole lot easier.

You get a list of configurations to choose and edit, instead of just one. You can even copy a configuration to the clipboard and paste it into an e-mail, then your buddy can copy/paste it back into his manager and you will both have the exact same configuration. Check it out… it has tons of other features.



  • changed the “Force resolution” feature. Now you can either type in a custom resolution or select a more modern one.
  • fixed a bug in “Paste from Clipboard” rutine.
  • fixed a bug in the Dungeon Siege path rutines.
  • added a “Search For Dungeon Siege” rutine.
  • added support for “Legends of Aranna”.
  • added an option under “Setup” to bypass the “Are you sure?”
  • message when launching Dungeon Siege.
  • added support for dsdll files.
  • added DSLOA configuration tap as requested.
  • fixed a small bug in v1.6.
  • added support for DS Tool Kit (DSTK).
  • added a “default game files missing” warning.
  • rewritten the Setup tap rutines.
  • added the video synchronization option.
  • added pulldown menus.


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