AmiTech MaxiMem Expansion for the Amiga 500

(for higher resolution photos visit: Zhixy’s Gallery)

Since it has come to my attention that this expansion is a bit of a rarity I have decided to make a little blog about mine.

What is special about this expansion is that because of the CPU and GARY adaptors it is able to add up to 2 MB of RAM to the Amiga, so 2.5 MB RAM in total. This does not interfere with any RAM added via the BUS port on the left side. So if you for instance have a HDD box with 8 MB fast RAM, that would bring the A500 up to 10.5 MB in total.

The red jumper on the CPU adaptor selects how the RAM on the expansion is distributed. If you have the full 2 MB on the board, shorting the jumper will give you 1 MB of chip memory and 1.5 MB of fast. Where as an open jumper will give you 512 KB chip and 1.8 MB fast.

The 2 red dip-switched on the board is for configuring how many RAM chips up have mounted and the yellow jumper disables the expansion completely.

Notice that I have removed the battery and ordered a replacement. Which brings me to last bit of this blog… I have had to make some repairs as shown in this picture:

If you want to checkout everything in more detail be sure to visit: Zhixy’s Gallery 

You will also find the Danish manual there or you can view or download it as a PDF by clicking here.